Good State | Potassium | 8 fl oz

Liquid. Nano-Ionic. Professional Grade. 


The health benefits from potassium are plentiful, 

  1. Potassium balances your body's pH. It can help neutralize acids and restore alkaline salts to the bloodstream.

  2. Potassium can work with the sodium in all cells, including nerve synapses, to maintain and restore membranes and to assist in metabolic processes. 

  3. It helps support your cardiovascular and nerve function.

  4. It increases your muscle energy.

  5. Potassium can also be vital for the elimination of wastes.
    It can promote the healing of cuts, bruises and other injuries.

  6. Potassium is one of the most popular minerals because it can generally contribute to a sense of wellbeing. 

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