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      3 products


      Digital Liquid

      Biometrically Formulated.

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      1st Of Its Kind Formula

      This patented process is designed to make supplementation easier than ever.

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      Gives Your Body The Essentials

      Digital Liquid provides you with a precise selection of key ionic minerals.

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      Based On Biometric Data

      We never guess. Everything in Digital Liquid is based on actual consumer data.

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      The best of science, and the best of nature, united.

      Digital Liquid is the first liquid ionic mineral formula based on the most common nutritional deficiencies provided from our customers. These deficiencies are measured from various biometric information, such as sleep patterns, activity levels, weight, blood, and chemical analysis. The concept of Digital Liquid is to generate a biometric picture of your body so we can supply you with what your body lacks! From pre-made, to customized formulas, only Good State can provide innovative health solutions to give your bod what it needs!

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