Good State | Phosphorous | 50 servings per bottle

Liquid. Nano-Ionic. Ultra Concentrate. 


Phosphorus is the Second Most Plentiful Mineral in Your Body, Equaling 1% of Your Body Weight

...And approximately 85% of the phosphorus in your body is found in your bones and teeth. 

  • A balance of calcium and phosphorus supports nerve function and the contraction of all of the body's muscles, including the heart. Phosphorus can also be taken for sore muscles after strenuous exercise.  

  • Phosphorus even plays a role in the functioning of other nutrients. Iodine, zinc and vitamin D all require phosphorus to be properly used by your body. If that weren’t enough, it also helps your body effectively utilize B vitamins for energy production by assisting in the synthesis of fats, protein, and carbohydrates.


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