Good State | Chromium | 96 servings + 2 mg fulvic acid | 8 fl oz 

Liquid. Nano-Ionic. Professional Grade. 


Chromium…One of the Surprising Supporters for Regulating Blood Sugar Levels

  • Chromium is one of the best supporters for regulating blood sugar levels and maintaining a healthy heart, and the average American diet is chromium deficient due to a lack of it in our soil and water. 

  • The lack of chromium as well as a diet high in refined white sugar, flour, and junk foods can jeopardize the body’s ability to maintain normal blood sugar levels. 

  • Chromium can be involved in the metabolism of glucose and energy production, which means you can get more done throughout the day. 

  • Good State's Ionic Chromium can play an important role in burning fat. When an individual is deficient in chromium, the body may take twice the normal amount of time to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


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