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What Is Permian Magnesium Chloride, and What Happens in Your Body When You Spray It on Your Skin?

  • Magnesium is found in the ocean and seawater, salts, and deposits in the earth. Our Liquid Ionic Magnesium Oil Spray contains Permian Magnesium Chloride. Permian is a term for the earth’s geological period that dates back some 250-million years, when the earth’s formation and life forms changed yet again during its evolving.
  • For millions of years, the magnesium chloride in your Liquid Ionic Magnesium Oil Spray has been protected in the earth’s crust in the sea, far from the pollution—industrial dumps, similar to concerns regarding the mercury content of fish. Chloride is simply a form of magnesium that has moderate concentrations, but it has a much higher level of bioavailability when compared to magnesium oxide.
  • Bioavailability refers to the amount of a nutrient that can be assimilated by your digestive system and used for cellular activity and health benefits. So, what happens in your body when you pump just 8 sprays of Liquid Ionic Magnesium Oil Spray on your skin?
  • Your monthly 920 mg dose of Ionic Magnesium Oil (just 8 sprays) is a supersaturated magnesium chloride in water, which rubbed on the skin, bypasses your intestines as it is absorbed into your body’s tissues. Your energy level begins to perk up, because Ionic Magnesium Oil for skin gives more direct “clean energy” to your 37+ trillion cells to help get you through the day. Your overall well-being kicks in, because your healthy, but fragile nervous system is supported much better.
  • Did you know that all the nerves in your body use magnesium to help send messages along the nerve pathways? Having more magnesium in your body helps you move and exercise with more ease. In terms of physical activity, magnesium not only keeps your nerves communicating from the brain to the muscle, but is also very important to keep your muscles going. Every time your muscle contracts it needs magnesium to help it relax.
  • In short: Liquid Ionic Magnesium Oil Spray will be involved in more than 500 metabolic reactions in your body—maintaining your healthy 37+ trillion cells, from your brain on down, a good state of continued health.


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