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Give Your Body What it Needs for Life

Health was never a concern when I was younger. I was always healthy, full of energy, and ready to take on the day. I excelled in sports at an early age and my ambitious drove me to play college football. Throughout my college career I tried to stay health conscious and take the right dietary supplements. Even though I was scouted by the NFL, little did I know that my poor supplement choices would send me on a downward spiral of events that many of you could be now experiencing.

I spent many years in the health field and a hair analysis is what I found to show very powerful evidence in what nutrients my body were lacking. Pinpointing my deficiencies took time. Finding the right supplements took even more time. Putting it all together was a 13-year journey of research and development. I am just glad and confident that the information in this book will make you look at health in a whole new light. Some of the world’s most complex questions sometimes have the simplest answers...Give Your Body What It Needs for Life!