Good State | Zinc Lite | 2 mL 55 servings

Liquid. Nano-Ionic. Less Concentrated. 



Did You Know?
The penny is 97.5% zinc, and has a copper coating.

    • Because of its huge health potential for maintaining a healthy immune system (white blood cells), zinc is studied in health research for preventative cell health.

    • Zinc helps transport vitamin A from your liver to your skin to help you look better . . . and to also support healthy skin.

    • Zinc is stored in “little packets” just below the cell surface in a woman’s eggs. These are released after one particular egg is fertilized.

      Many researchers affectionately call this process “zinc sparks.” Eggs need a lot of zinc in order for them to reach maturity for fertilization.*

    • A weird side effect of zinc deficiency is losing the sense of smell and taste.

    • Every single white blood cell in your immune system needs zinc to for it to multiply.


Here are the top 11 reasons why people take Good State's Natural Ionic Zinc Lite Supplement –

  1. Zinc is the #1 immune booster – especially for school children and those on stressful jobs!

  2. It’s liquid for easier swallowing. Comes in liquid form instead of a pills. Goes great in tea, coffee, smoothies. . . .

  3. Less concentrated for the stomach issues. Easier on the stomach when digesting.

  4. It has been shown time after time to help support and then maintain a healthy immune system 365 days out of the year.

  5. Quicker; dependable results. Absorbs much quicker into the bloodstream for even faster, even more dependable results.

  6. After strenuous exercising. Quickly refills the zinc supply after excessive sweating. 

  7. Looking and feeling better. Helps the skin look better for beauty and health (when taken orally).*

  8. Loving their favorite meals more. To enhance smell and taste for their favorite foods. 

  9. Sexual health. Helps to maintain a healthy testosterone level in men for libido.

  10. Prostate. Helps support a healthy prostate.

  11. Better looking head of hair. Maintains strong, healthy hair follicles for a better looking head of hair.


Give Zinc Lite a try and let us know how it works for you!

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