Good State| Hair Analysis Test | Reports & Consultation

Includes Test Sample Kit, and Pre-Paid Sample Return Label

From a simple and quick hair analysis, you’re letting your hair silently speak to you about the health of your bones, joints, your entire immune system, your heart, and more!

Your Mineral Hair Analysis Test will show... - Deficiencies of vital minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper etc. Toxicity of heavy metals such as Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, etc. - Ratio of many mineral combinations to determine imbalances. - Your metabolic type.

Your customized health solution program will include easy to read, detailed pages to help take your state of health from Bad to Good by giving the body what it needs. Dietary suggestions with our experience and your hair analysis, we provide a supplement program based on the results. Included are nutrient mineral levels with example graphs to your right, which make it easy to see where your deficiencies lie and what areas you can improve on. (Detailed information is also provided.)

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