Blood is Thicker Than Water
Relationships and loyalties within a family are the strongest and most important ones. And relationships and loyalties should be just as strong and most important with a good supplement for healthy blood and red blood cells.

Liquid Ionic Cobalt Minerals was designed and formulated to Give Your Body What It Needs for a Good State of Health™ by supporting your body while it formulates blood and the production of red blood cells.

Research may indicate that cobalt can be there for your myelin sheath, which increases the effectiveness of glucose transporting from the blood into body cells and assists in the building of red blood cells. Cobalt can also stimulate many enzymes in your body while normalizing the performance of other body cells.

Good State’s Ionic Cobalt is made in the USA.

This supplement is also vegetarian friendly.

Develop a relationship and loyalty with Liquid Ionic Cobalt Minerals. Put a bottle of it in your cart.