During the 1920’s, the first multivitamin came out. Shortly thereafter, the
first multimineral. (The first One-A-Day appeared around 1940.)

Now, in the 21st century, the first liquid ionic multimineral! It’s a multimineral
milestone in almost 90 years!

Our Natural Ionic Woman Multiple Liquid Vitamins and Minerals is part of that milestone that has
become part of the Good State family because of you. Yes, you.
Many of you constantly requested a multimineral that has hand-picked
choice minerals to help fill the gaps in your diet.

A “custom-built supplement” just for you, so to speak, that has specific minerals
to help get you going and to keep you going.

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We’ll take care of the shipping and handling for you. In fact, if you want us to
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purchase price every single month.

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Just some of the many perks our customers receive!


What is Ionic?
Ionized means to convert wholly or partly into ions.
An ion is any atom that has a positive or a negative charge. A positively charged
ion will hook up with a negatively-charged one. Then it turns into something new
and available.

What Are Ionized Minerals?
Getting minerals in an ionized form is how plants and animals were designed
to absorb inorganic minerals. (Inorganic substances, like rocks and similar matter.)

Plants are like sprouting little factories where they make their own food. They take
in the inorganic minerals through their roots from the dirt (the dirt is partially made
up of crushed rock). Then the plants change the minerals into organic, ionized
form—the form of minerals that can be used by your body.

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Can you Eat Enough Food That Has Enough Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Iodine, and Other Minerals—Every…Single…Day?
Of course not. At Good State, we believe you should Give Your Body What It Needs for a Good State of Health™. There's no better way at this time to achieve this daily diet goal than to include Natural Ionic Woman Multiple Liquid Vitamins and Minerals in your daily diet.

Here are 3 Reasons Why you Should Try it
1. It is a liquid that replaces big, dry pills. 2. It absorbs faster and more efficiently than traditional pills. 3. It is an ionized mineral.

This supplement is also vegetarian friendly.