Did You Know?

Traditional prescription-pushing physicians say that detoxing is a myth and that the body can cleanse itself. But there are no conclusive published research studies to show that the body can properly detox itself of the thousands of chemicals and additives in our food, air, water, soil and household products.

Not a single, solitary one.

Hello. My name is Natalia Jablokov.

I’m an accredited integrated natural health care professional. How may I help you feel better?

I specialize in helping the whole person (body, mind and spirit), rather than just helping to manage a health issue, and suggesting drugs.

Through personal and intimate conversations to get to know you, and using diet and detox, I dig deep to get to the root cause of many issues you may be suffering from.

After getting to personally know you and your family,

With health consulting, I’ll – “prescribe” – a lifestyle change, starting with your diet. It will include fast and easy recipes (and suggestions) that not only give you the right recommended dietary allowance of nutrients, but also help to detox your vital organs.

No boring and bland food here, folks!

I’ll also talk to you about your household products, like deodorants, shampoos, clothes detergents, hair sprays……and then offer healthier and cheaper alternatives.

Did you know that just household products alone have shown to cause health issues in both children and adults?

But first, let’s get to know one another and see how I may help you. You can personally contact me at



Question & Answers

There is no one size fits-all. Results can vary because everybody is different. But let’s see how fast you can turn your life around!

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Now it is your turn.

Do you have any questions or concerns? You can personally contact me at